A bit about Adidas


Adidas required a responsive web app for sports underwear. The site was comprised of a front page, which had to be able to “swipe” left and right to reveal a product finder page for bras and pants.

I worked with another freelancer, Adam Charnock on the build. I coded the site's HTML and CSS, while Adam handled the java script needed for swiping, pulsing design features and background sliding.

Several elements of the site change colour to encourage interaction, so the CSS and javascript had to have numerous “active” and “inactive” styles. Many design elements were created in HTML and CSS styling rather than with graphics so that the text, colours and other details could be easily changed by the client.

HTML and CSS build: Jessica J Burton

Javascript and build manager: Adam Charnock

Photoshop design and agency services: Christian Day

Images and fonts supplied by Adidas